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Serle Hanson
Box 65
Valhalla Centre, Alberta
phone/fax: 780-356-2286

Farm History

The Hanson's have farmed in the Alberta Peace region, 500km north-west of Edmonton since our family first came to Canada in 1913 as some of the first pioneers to the area.  Since then, farming has been a family operation, and at one time or another throughout the past 90+ years, produced everything from grain, fescue, dairy, pork, beef, and now exclusively bison.
Since bison are native to North America they are well suited to our colder climate, where winter temperatures can reach as low as -40ºC.  Bison are naturally equipped to handle these extreme conditions with little or no human intervention.  As well, they are able to digest their feed more efficiently than cattle.  For these reasons and more, we got our first bison in 1990.  Today, we have a herd of approx. 300 cows, and have been marketing our own meat for the past several years.
All of our bison are farm raised and fed on grass and locally grown hay and grain, with no animal by-products.  As well, these animals are completely free of growth hormones and antibiotics.  And finally, they are grain finished to ensure consistent top quality.

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